Bridal Flowers

Roses are red. Violets are blue. With this bridal flowers do you say ‘ I love you ‘.


We can help you the most beautiful day of your life!

Wedding flowers should be just as the wedding day itself: gorgeous, beautiful and unforgettable.

We see the bridal flowers as a finishing touch for this special day flowers come during this day everywhere in back: the bridal bouquet, corsages, any decoration of the wedding car or one time describe the wedding location wedding guests the flower styling and classic and other times as hip. And that’s right.


At Maison Belle Fleur is a view of all the work the bridal couple. And at the same time of the location. We are not only able to the bride and groom her fine to sense, but also for the atmosphere of the Castle, the beach club, the farm or the estate for suitable styling to translate.


Maison Belle Fleur likes to take the time for you to discuss your requirements and to ensure that the flowers contribute to a perfect and most beautiful day of your life!


For more information, please feel free to contact via


Maison Belle Fleur beautiful bridal bouquets to match any wedding couple.


What your roots may be, such as Dutch, German, British, French, American, Moroccan or Turkish, we voted the whole completely on your personal needs!

This is where you will find always appropriate work for a beautiful flower and flower-filled wedding day.


How do we work?


  • During the interview we discuss how you see the wedding for you and what your needs are.
  • What kind of theme you’re wedding
  • What colors come back
  • We subsequently create and hence we can make some adjustments experiments and thus, the bouquet for your perfect day
  • The most important things is that it fits with you!


We also love the latest trends for you guys in the holes and have good contacts at different flowers grower so that you have a beautiful bridal bouquet.



We know no limits, we adjust to you budget and may for any occasion


Wearing a corsage is a fun use. The guests at the wedding can then we’ll see who the close family and friends of the bride and groom. Useful also to see who you should congratulate.

Also see you by wearing a corsage that you are involved in the wedding. The master of ceremonies and witnesses are often also one. Guests can also easily see where to turn with any questions.

There is a clear difference between the corsages for men and for women. The corsages for women spelt you on to the clothing, with the flowers down, and are often more sophisticated than the corsages for men. The somewhat coarser corsages for men are entitled to.


Did you know that there are also corsages with magnets? Then you don’t have with a PIN to prick in your clothes!

With us you can also go for your corsages you can own your idea that if you want to tune them to your wedding bouquet.

Wedding car

On a wedding car actually hear a festive car flower arrangement. There is in the field of flower work for cars much as possible, in terms of shapes, colors and flower types. A flower arrangement for on the car is a beautiful decoration. In addition to a flower arrangement for the hood, there are still plenty of other options for the car.


You get a lot to your own liking, complete fitting your bouquet and corsages. All car parts are in such a way confirmed this will give no paint damage, here are special holders for flower arrangement.


Entirely in style of your wedding, we can also provide appropriate flower arrangements for your wedding location. Whether it be at the town hall or a special wedding venue such as a castle or the Church. We are a small company, but have a lot of experience in taking care of decorations.


Some examples include:

  • Table pieces
  • Chair decoration
  • Room decoration
  • Ceremony decoration

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